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March 24, 2008


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Hi Heidi!

Well, I have to tell you..I know I am about 20 years older than you and you sound just like me when I was your age. What helped me? Age. Maturity. Being embarassed a million times because the house was a wreck. And my kids got past the point of scattering toys around the house. Now it is magazines, shoes, backpacks, hairbrushes. My kids got to the point where they wanted the house to be clean when friends came over. I tried flylady....too much thinking for me. Some days are better than others for me and I am constantly changing things up. Don't beat yourself up too much. You have 2 small children and you live in an apartment if my memory serves me (?). A very wise woman once told me that cleaning up after small children is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. I learned that to clean up big messes, it didn't seem so overwhelming if I did it in small bites. I would use the kitchen timer and tell myself that I was going to work on something for 10 minutes and then stop. I always seem to get more done that way. Just find what works for you and keep at it. You'll get there! Love the new Blog!


Meredith from Merchant Ships

Heidi! Even though I've been reading you for years, it's nice to know your name : )

I need some motivation with the deep cleaning, myself. Most of my creative projects only distract the eye from an unmopped floor!


Hi! You guys are here!

Mary: I can't tell you how much your experience and insight in the past has helped me weed out what's really important from what I just THINK is important. Thanks for being here!

Meredith: A celebrity visit! Amazing! I don't believe one word about your floors being sticky, but it made me feel better anyway. LOL. Thanks!


Found your blog via Meredith's blog...wow! I could have written this post. I even had the same extraordinarily cluttered/stuffed desk in elementary. It took me a long time and I tried a lot of different things (hello, flylady), but I finally have my own system down now that even my husband and kids are on board with. The first time someone stopped by unexpectedly and our house was neat and clean, I was squeeing like mad on the inside (usually, when someone stopped by unexpectedly, our house was a disaster and I was dying of embarrassment). Like Mary, what finally worked was a "small bites" approach...Anyway, it can definitely be done. Good luck!


Ditto!! I'm afraid of having my "clean friends" over because they'll think..."did you see the dust bunny in the corner under the table that no one looks at?...I did." Having my "clean friends" over gives me a reason to dust and sweep and vacuum. But guess what? My house is cozy, comfortable, and people don't feel bad about putting their feet up, setting their drink on the table and having a good time.

Pure and Sensible

Here from Meredith's blog. You have such a pretty header! My house has amazingly been both clean and organized at the same time...seasonally. Those days are both memorable and efficient. Lots of work. And what gets me out of that state...having too much on my plate. I'm not in either state right now. So, I'm working on both again. *sigh* Thanks for the encouragement! Leinani

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